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Haven’t done one of these in a long time. Also not another outfit post, must be due to the fact that I’m on holidays for to weeks and procrastinating from my assignments that due tomorrow.

Not to sure why I’m doing one really as I’ve brought what seems like lots of thing over the past few weeks , but still feel like I’m missing some spring/summer essentials. I supposes that’s the downside to online is every shop is there at  your finger tips and you don’t have to trapes round town now days and go into tons of different shops, try something on, then think I’m not to sure I’ll wait till I’ve been to so and so and then decided.

But on the other side you are sort of buying blind as you don’t get try stuff on, although in saying that I’ve only ever had two Items I brought online not fit one was a chiffon type dress I brought a few years ago which was just to small and the other one was a dress I brought from the Whitepepper a few weeks which was to big. Never shopped there before but brought it bigger thinking as it a small boutique everything will be extra small. But apart from that everything else I’ve brought over the past 9 years has fitted.

Anyways enough of me gabbing. Here’s my wish list of the week. Going to try to make these a weekly thing now, might even try to do a fashion, wish list about things other than fashion. That’s if I ever managed to get my self organised. But came to the conclusion just a few moments ago that the reason I’ve not been organised in the past month so is that I tend to just put a 100% in to one things and forget about all the other things.

As a few weeks ago I was really consisted with blogging get out different types of post 2-3 times a week, reading and commenting and other people’s blog, but didn’t really do any of my assignments. Then last week I realised I only had a week left to complete it plus placement to attend I  put a 100% into that and not into blogging. So over the holidays gong to try organise myself so that I spend 40% blogging 40% working on assignments and 20% doing what ever the heck I feel liked on

Also comment down below if you’d like to see me do a weekly wish list and if you’d like to also seem me start a wish list about other things than fashion.

Here is the Wish list all from Asos, seems to be one of my favourite shops at the moment.


1|Shift Dress 2|Hem Dress 3|Skater Dress 4|Floral Dress 5|Skater dress

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1 Comment
  • Grace
    September 21, 2014

    Love the hem dress!

New but not new outfit
Asos Wish list