Wind Wind go away come back another day- outfit post

Have quite a few posts that I wanted to write but they all require a few hours to create which I just don’t have the time to do today, will hopefully start write them sometime on the weekend and share them with you sometime next week, so in the mean time decided to do another outfit post.

Wore a summer dress yesterday as it was so warm and sunny the day before, how wrong was I, went outside to my car and was greeted by a cold strong wind. But It was too late to change as I was already running late so decided to brave it.


Daisy print dress – H&M (Don’t have a link as I brought it back in June while on holiday in the UK, and haven’t seen anything similar Since)

Cardigan – Zara  (Don’t have lil as I brought it in 2009 when I went back to England, Still looks like new. Can get a cardigan like this pretty much everywhere now days)

Shoes – Warehouse Here’s a link (Will have probably have worn them out by the time summer actually comes around, as I’ve been wearing them nearly everyday for the past 2 weeks)

Also excuse the really bad first photo didn’t realise I had my eye closed till I came to upload it and didn’t have time to take another one, and all the other ones I took were even worse if that’s possible.


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Welcome to spring outfit post
Wind Wind go away come back another day- outfit post