Me wearing a white dress


Me wearing a white dress



Over the past few months, everything has just gotten to be too much for me to the point where I was ill for 13 weeks. I went back and forth to the doctor 4 times, and due to not wanting to lose my shifts a work, I only took 3 days off during those 13 weeks. I had hoped that combining a bunch of different medicines would cure me. Sadly, it didn’t!

So, if you don’t know, my current job is before/after-school care, which means I work Monday-Thursday afternoons during the school year, but during the holidays, there are no assigned shifts, so I have to go online and look for shifts. As the holidays were approaching and I was finally getting over being ill, I decided to finally make myself unavailable and take two weeks of holidays off so I could take some time for myself.


This is something I haven’t done since this time last year when I went on my big trip back to the UK. So, as this year was the first time at work I’ve gotten regular shifts for more than two weeks, I’ve basically spent the whole year trying to better myself at work to try and ensure that I keep my shifts and continue to earn some money.

But taking time off the past two weeks has been the happiest I have been all year, as I was finally taking time for myself and working on the things that I love the most.


Me wearing white sandals

I had just scheduled the two-week holiday for taking time out for myself, but then, I got some news last week that three of my shifts had been cancelled due to a drop in the number of children being signed up, which meant fewer educators were needed at the present time. Then, I got an email again a few days later saying my one and only shift that I had left had also been cancelled.  At first, I was really upset, but then, I realised that just means that the path I was on I was not meant to travel anymore.

I don’t tell many people this but I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason. I may be wrong, but I believe the stars are aligning and that something on the internet is what I’m destined to do as my future job as that what I’m most passionate about.

So as I’m not sure how long this time for myself is going to last, but I’m going to grab it with both hands and make the most of it.

I’d love to say that taking time off involves me spending time at the beach and watching Netflix for hours on end, but it actually doesn’t. Work and a few other things have taken over my life over the past year. Taking time for myself has basically involved spending 90% of my time sitting at the dining table or my desk working on my blog and YouTube channel. To most, that probably doesn’t seem like taking time off for myself, but when I’ve not got the stress of work and other stuff in life this is my perfect way to take time for myself.

Me wearing a white dress
Me wearing a white dress

Me wearing a white dress

So if you ever get to a point in life where you’re just so stressed and burnt out, go and take time out for yourself as it’s honestly the best medicine. I still get stressed out from time to time, but in a good way as I’m finally able to dedicate more of my time every day to working on what I love to do. I’m not saying just go and quit you job, but who knows if that makes you happier in life then do it.

Me wearing a white dress

Me wearing a white dress

What do you enjoy most about taking time time for yourself?

xoxo  The Alexandra Edit

  • Courtney

    I totally agree with you! Over working is never a good idea, and we all need our rest time.

  • Dealman

    such a beautiful looks with white dress. Love this post.

    • thealexandraedit

      Thank you 🙂

  • Karlyn Cruz

    Yes, me time is very important. Nobody else is going to take care of you as much as you. I’ve seen a lot of positivity flow through people who have been through something similar. It’s good that you’re better.

    • thealexandraedit
      Karlyn Cruz

      Thank you, that’s great to know that it brings you more positivity.

  • Bertahan Luxing

    Yep, taking time off is definitely something I believe more people should do. Very important to care for yourself.

    • thealexandraedit
      Bertahan Luxing

      Totally agree, it would help so many people out their feel better if they took time for themselves.

  • Kate

    Yes! A retreat is sometimes the best relief of day to day stress. Recharge!

    • thealexandraedit

      Yes it is.

  • sarah

    I am glad that you are doing okay now and having a blast. This got me thinking to have a time off. Not really a vacation but reduce the work hours.

    • thealexandraedit

      Thanks, you should definitely reduce your workload if it’s stressing you out.

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