Happy Sunday. It’s been one of those weeks where I had a bit of setback early on. So ever since I’ve had all these post ideas, that I wanted to start writing. For some reason just didn’t feel like writing anything. But realised the other day that I can change what happened, so just need to move on and find another way to do it. So after my short break, I will be back to writing on Monday.

What I did:

I spent the week, watching a lot of YouTube videos. So decided to start two new YouTube channels. One will be vlogs/main channel videos, and the other one will be for all things Sims 4 related. Decided to combine vlogs/main channel video’s as I’ll probably do more main channel video’s over vlogs as my life is pretty boring to watch. But have also always loved the sims and watching people play it so thought I would set up a separate channel and see how it goes.

Still, go to edit and upload my first sims 4 videos and my first vlog. But in the meantime would love it if you would subscribe:

Confetti Layers

Allie Plays Sims 

Also, don’t have any set schedule as my blog is my main focus. But would like to upload at least one Sims video a week. A Monthly favs video every month and then a few other video’s here and there e.g. cooking, lookbook, haul, etc.

What I ate: 

I ate an amazing platter last night as you can see in the pic on the left.


What was one thing that you wanted to achieve last week, but didn’t manage to?

PinitWeekend Mood #4

What I didn’t do:

I didn’t get a chance to write any blog posts.

What I want to do next week:

Write more often and do some coloring in my new coloring book.

One word to describe the past week:


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