Weekend Mood #1


I missed last week’s Sunday mood post. Due to being on Holiday and having Internet problems. Got back home on Tuesday and I’ve been ill ever since from the plan ride home. So spent the week resting, unpacking, sorting out stuff and planning for my blog. Also, I decided Yesterday that I didn’t like the title Sunday Mood. So I’m changing the title of this post series to weekend mood. That way I have the option to share this post on Saturday or Sunday. So here is my first ‘weekend Mood’ post.

What I did:

I Had an amazing last day in Bangkok having brunch at the Sheraton.(Would defiantly recommend it for a once in a lifetime experience). Then flew home on Tuesday then spent the next few days unpacking my suitcase and getting back into my daily routine. Then from Thursday night onwards I spent time planning stuff for my blog, catching up on my fav blogs and reading up about all things blogging. (like doing this weekly as I feel like there’s always new things to learn)

What I ate: 

I’ve eaten a lot of tomato soup this week. As we’ve been so busy, my Mum just made a big batch on Wednesday so that she didn’t have to cook again until Sunday.

What I didn’t do:

I didn’t get a chance to start pre-writing future blog posts.

What I want to do next week:

Spend more time focusing on Instagram and reorganising and updating all my Pinterest boards

One word to describe the past week: 


PinitWeekend Mood #1


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  • Big batches of something like soup make life so much easier, we do it with chilli. Sounds like you had a good week!

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