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weHaven’t done one of these wish list type post in a while, but after my trip to England in June where I purchase a few warehouse  items and in my recent ASOS haul wear I purchase some more warehouse  stuff. Which you can check out here if you haven’t already 

I have suddenly fallen in love with all things warehouse . A bit on the pricey side but defiantly worth the spend as so far the quality has been great.

I know it’s Spring here and going to be 34C next week, but I just tend to buy things when I see them. As if I don’t I never see them again and then I get upset because I’m like I should have brought that.

Although saying that I will probably never buy any of these things as crimbo is coming up and I really need to start saving for a new Macbook pro before this one dies on me.

Really loving caps this season as it’s never normal cold enough for coat here in winter, but to cold not to wear anything on top thought a cape would be a great substitute.

Also realise the other day that I  don’t have any every day skirt that aren’t thick wintry type material so providing the leather look one is not to thick thought it would be great for all year round. Also loving the check pattern and peter pan collars so though the dress would be great to add to my collection.




1|Warehouse cape 2|Warehouse Window Pane Dress 3|Warehouse Checked Cape 4|Warehouse Faux Leather Full Skirt

  • Naomi Ganzu

    Warehouse has some great collection. Can we follow each other? I am on GFC G+ and Bloglovin! Do add me and I will add you right back ^_^

    • Alexandra
      Naomi Ganzu

      Sure just followed you on bloglovin, not on GFC

  • Laura

    Amazing picks! Especially number 2, the dress. I love it 🙂

  • Eboni Symone

    If only my budget would allow me to buy these things 🙁

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