Thailand part 3

Here are the next few days of my trip, can’t really do any more day by day pics as I’ll be here all year talking about it.

Also by the time this post goes live there should be an accompany video up on my YouTube channel if not it’s taken longer than expect to edit or it’s taken forever to upload, so if it’s not up to-night it will be up by tomorrow night.

So on the third day of trip we head down to a place of the coast of Bangkok called  Hua in, so here are some pics of the taxi ride down and the first few days I was there.

Was there for 7 days so could have loads of pics or not that many, didn’t really look at any of the pics I was taken just kept snapping and said I’ll check them out later when I get back to the room, then got that busy and forgot. So just decided to check them out when I write my posts so here goes:

Also I’ve just realised how organised I am it’s currently 8am on a Sunday morning and I’m writing this post instead of 8pm a night when I normal write this post, so for the first time this year my post will be up on time.

Pic on the car trip down to Hua Hin

PinitThailand part 3
PinitThailand part 3
PinitThailand part 3 Thailand part 3

First cocktail of the trip Mojito 

PinitThailand part 3Park in Hua Hin, still have crimbo decorations up. Thailand part 3

More Crimbo lights at the park 

PinitThailand part 3 Thailand part 3

View from breakfast in the hotel.

PinitThailand part 3

Still have the Crimbo tree up. 

PinitThailand part 3Breakfast mixture of Thai and western Thailand part 3

Local shopping centre

PinitThailand part 3
PinitThailand part 3

Cake shop in the shopping centre, never seen such cheap cakes.

PinitThailand part 3 Thailand part 3

First Starbucks in Hua Hin.

PinitThailand part 3


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  • Kenzie
    February 9, 2015

    All of these photos look incredible! The food looks amazing. I’m so jealous of you! but it looks like so much fun! So happy I found your blog through Louise!

    • Alexandra
      February 10, 2015

      Thanks for the comment, love finding new blogs to read. Will check out yours tonight when I do my nightly blog reading xx

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Thailand part 3