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Was looking through all my posts that I’ve done in the past year on my favourite quotes, and thought seeing as the year is almost over it was time to pick my favourite quote of the year.

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So here we are, my favourite quote of the year:

Pinitquote of the year

You’re probably all wondering why I picked this particular quote when I have so many more amazing quotes in my posts.

I picked this one as over the past few months, well probably since, around June time I’ve been focusing more on the smallest details in everything and so far it’s been paying off.

Like for example last month for my course (If you didn’t already know I’m studying a Diploma of child care or Nursery nursing as you call it in England) I had to make like a word document, manual/booklet for a child care/nursery. You only get a pass or fail so basically you can be borderline line basic and still get a pass or A* quality and still only get a pass.

But as I love doing desktop publishing/graphic design I thought I’d go the extra mile and add a few extra things that no one else would think of adding.

Didn’t really think anything of it, sent it in and got an email back last week saying that I’d passed and that it was fantastic work.

Also notice the same thing with my blog as well since I’ve started triple checking my post content, improving on my SEO and having a regular posting schedule. I have started to see a rise in comments and views. (Probably just jinks it all by saying that)

So it does go to show that whatever it is you do in life, the smallest details do make something exceptional.

Check back tomorrow night for blogmas day 6, where I’ll be doing a travel wish list or a photos from Christmas pastcan’t decided on which one at this stage so you all have to come back tomorrow night to find out.

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