Welcome to spring outfit post

Welcome to spring everyone, well everyone who lives in the southern hemisphere. Have been planning on doing a cooking video on how make macaroons for the past three weeks, but something always seemed to come up and get in the way. So decided it obviously wasn’t meant to be last month so plan on doing it sometime this month. Decided yesterday I was going have pizza for dinner tonight only to realise to that I didn’t have any pizza base left in my freezer. So decided that as they’re so easy to make I would do a quick video on how to make them. Film it looked great while I was filming it uploaded the files to my mac and decided to go out for coffee and edit it.

Loaded it up only to realise it’s all out of focus. Not sure if I’ll uploaded it as it looks really bad, but will see when I come to edit it sometime later this week, if not it will go to the archive of videos never to be watched by anyone but me.

Enough of me gabbing, here’s my outfit of the day seeing as spring has arrived and it’s starting to warm up. I  decided to wear short for the first time in like 3 months excuse the awful looking legs but that what happens when you spend the last three months in tight or jeans and your legs don’t see sun.

Put the outfit on and though it was missing something so decided to join in on the trend and buy my first every flowered head band. Don’t normal join in on trends but these are the only headbands they seem to be stocking now days so didn’t have much choice. Also a bit late to the party with Skorts only brought them as I needed some new shorts and they were on Sale at Topshop

T-shirt – Bank Fashion (Here’s a link to something similar in black)

Skorts- Topshop (Here’s a link to something similar in white)

Shoes Wearhouse (Here’s the link to the shoes)

Headband- Lovisa (Here’s a link to something similar)

Also on a another note I apologise in advance but after a great month last month and also my best month of blogging ever. I may be a bit MIA over the next 2 months as I have placement 3 days a week 5 big assignment to complete plus more to come 🙁  Will still try to post as often as possible and will hopefully be back to regular blogging or what I call fully time blogging soon.



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Welcome to spring outfit post