Dress – Outfit of the day

Sorry I haven’t post in a while, but I’ve been really sick and just spent the week watching movies and trying to finish my assignment that’s due on monday. Anyways here’s the outfit I wore for my shopping/coffee morning sometime in the week. Only photo I took all week as I just wasn’t up for standing in front of a camera. Had this dresses since 2009, brought it from the Topshop in Selfridges Birmingham, was helping my friend look for a prom dress and just came across it and knew that I just had to have it as I hadn’t seen anything like it before . Still Haven’t really seen anything else like it over years. Actually tell a lie I do have a similar one from Asos but it’s not as puffy, also had that for what seems like a million and one years, really don’t like parting with anything, will wear it sometime next week and do a post on it for you all.

Dress – Topshop (Not that you can really tell on the pic, but it also ties round at the back)

Shoes – Wearhouse (Still haven’t found/purchase any new sandals so looks like I’ll be wearing these for the rest of summer, great shoes, as they go with everything.  But found out the other week not so good if you walking long distances in them as they don’t really have a heel on them so after a while it feels like your walking barefoot as you can feel the ground)

Also providing I don’t get any sicker tonight. I will be filming and uploading a new YouTube video tomorrow. Been a long time coming, been saying for the past month or so that I’ve been going to do one but just always run of out of time. so be sure to check back tomorrow night and watch it.



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Dress – Outfit of the day