New Year’s resolutions

First of all can’t believe this is my 100th post never thought I’d make it this far, thanks to all the people who have helped me along the way/helped me to get this far with my blog. Wonder where I’ll be in another 100 posts time.

Had planned on uploading a 2014 favourites video tonight, had it edit and ready to upload by 5:30. Started the uploaded to YouTube a 6pm it’s now current 9:25pm where I live and it says it going to take another 5hrs. That’s what happens when live in area that has supper slow Internet

So seeing as I don’t want to stay up until 3am, I’ve decided to let it finish uploading throughout the night and then share it all with you tomorrow night.

So seeing as I’ve been so organised the past few days I already had a post idea planned for tomorrow so thought I’d share it with you all tonight instead.

So seeing as I never stick to my New Year’s resolutions that I make every year, I thought I’d make a post on them so that all you people out who follow my blog know what they are and it also gives me more incentive to stick to them.

So as I said before that I never seem to stick to my New Year’s resolutions I thought I’d just keep it small and pick five New Year’s resolutions.

So here they are:

1. Stick to a regular bogging schedule – so basically at the start of the year I did like one post a month, then I had a break from TAFE/College and started posting between 8-13 a months which went up and down hill until December where I’m posting every day, which started off as blogmas, which ended on Christmas eve, but seeing as I wanted to challenge myself even more I decided to carry on posting untill New Years Eve.

So next year I will be posting every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. I would love to post every day, but due to me still studying I just don’t have the time and after a while of posting every day it does start to make you feel drained and doesn’t give you much time for anything else as you’re just thinking about blogging 24/7.

So thought that way I get like a break 4 days a week which gives me time to do things like assignments, plan/write blog post, check out/comment on other people’s blogs and YouTube videos and do nothing at all.

2. Comment back to everyone who comments on my blog  I don’t get that many comments on my blog, but when I do I don’t always comment back as I seem to get to busy and completely forget about it. So next year I’m going to try to make more of an effort and comment back to everyone who comments on my blog.

Most people probably don’t think it’s that important, but I just think focusing on the small details like that can really help you grow your blog.

3. Divide my time equally between TAFE/College and blogging  So basically throughout the year I didn’t divide my time very well as some months I would focus fully on TAFE/College as I had assignments/placement and classes to attend, then other months I didn’t have much TAFE/College stuff to do so would put a 100% into my blog.

So in the New Year I’m hoping to split my time 3 ways, spend 33% of my time on my TAFE/College stuff and spend the other 50% blogging and taking time to do things other than blogging or TAFE/College.

Will probably never happened as I’ll probably get all my assignment at once and seeing as I don’t like to leave things until the last-minute will probably put them first over blogging as I really don’t want to fail my last semester as I’m hoping to start Uni in July.

4. Try to do more videos on a regular basic  So basically I’ve said this every time I’ve uploaded a video this year, but I’m hoping to try to do one video a month. Will probably be mostly cooking videos as I’m crap at doing makeup and don’t buy enough stuff each month to do a monthly favs or a haul.

5. Try to comment on a 100 blogs a week  So the only way my blog is going to grow any more is to connect with people and seeing as where I live here in Queensland Australia is supper big and as far as I know not many bloggers live close by to me and meet ups are always in places like Sydney or Melbourne.

So the only way to really connect with other bloggers int comment on their blog so I’mgoing to attempt to comment on a 100 blogs a week.

I would say a 100 different blogs a week, but when you start searching thought and opening blogs you find out they haven’t posted in like 3 months so unless you have like a whole day to spend searching for blogs it would be quite hard finding a 100 different ones, so will try to find a 100 bloggers that post regular/a few times a week.

So let me know in the comments down below what your New Year’s resolutions are, always interested in hearing other people’s resolutions.

Also just realised that I’ve been posting for the past 29 days 2 more days to go and then I can have days break before I get back into my regular posting schedule.

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New Year’s resolutions