New but not new outfit

Yesterday’s outfit, was yesterday’s outfit when I started writing this buy post, but seeing as I’ve been and didn’t get to post as I was that busy it’s now an outfit that I wore one day last week.  I know another outfit post. I promise as I’m on holidays for 2 weeks starting friday, I will do some more exiting posts. But at this moment in time I’m just so busy with assignments. I would rather post something than nothing, just so you know that I’m still around and haven’t abandoned blogging/died or something along those lines.

Anyways here’s my outfit, It’s new as I’ve never worn it before bit it’s also old as it been siting in my wardrobe for over a year. So technically I had stripes/like them before they were in fashion. Just never wore the dress as when I tried it on a home to wear out somewhere, I thought it made me look a bit fat so never wore it. Fast forward a year and a bit later and 7-8 kilos lighter and thought it was finally time I wore it and showed it off to the world.

Dress – French connection

Cardigan – French Connection

Shoes – Only just realise that I didn’t have any shoes on for the photos




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