New magazine

Probably a bit late with this post. I did buy this magazine about a month or 2 ago took some pics of  it but never got the chance to uploaded it.  So though seeing as I have a spare 30 mins on my busy two-week trip to Nottingham England (Post/pics coming soon) and also seeing as I haven’t done a post since Sunday and I’m trying to stick to my goal of doing two post a week., though I would share this with you, also as you’ve probably noticed if you’ve looked at/read my blog that I live in Australia and it’s currently winter there, but seeing as I buy most of my clothes from England and get most of my magazines in the British Version, all my post are normal back to front, like when it’s winter for me in Australia, I’m normally buying all my summer clothes online from England and when it’s summer in Australia I’m normal buying all my winter clothes online from England. We’ll enough of listing to me rambling here’s some pics from the awesome magazine.

Just uploaded all the photos that I’ve taken from the magazine and realised that I had far to many, so I’ve tried to cut it down as much as possible and pick out my fav ones.










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