I realised the other day that in the four years that I’ve been blogging I’ve never really shared with you anything from behind the scenes of my blog. So thought today I would give you an insight into my blogging routine. It may sound like I have my Sh**t together and know what I’m doing, but really I don’t. everything I’ve learnt has been through trial error.

Everything I’ve learnt over the years has been through trial error. There are lots of steps to the blogging, but the five main steps to my blogging routine are, Planning, photography, post layouts, writing, Scheduling & promoting. Which I will discuss in more details down below However every blogger does things differently so don’t take these as gospel as there are lots of ways of doing things in the blogging world.

PinitMe in a denim skirt and t-shirt
PinitMy tan sandals


The first step to my process is planning! Every three/four months I like to sit down with my blog post planner and write down as many ideas as possible for future posts. (last time I did  it I wrote down about 60 ideas and I’ve so far used about 10 so still have another 50 to use). I like doing this as it means at the begging on each week I’m not thinking of blog post ideas. I can look at my big long list and pick one. Also with my current schedule, I plan to post 2x a week (Tuesday and Friday). Which I try and ensure I always stick to that, but sometimes life gets in the way and I’m unable to achieve that goal.

I know thinking of blog post ideas can be hard to so here is a post of 30 blog post ideas. Sometime soon I will also write a post on how I come up with my blog post ideas.

I then try and make sure that I’m varying my content, which you won’t even notice. But I try and make sure I’m not posting say two beauty related post in a row. It says a lifestyle and beauty post one week, then next week a blogging and beauty post.


The next step in my process is photography. Where I live it’s the weathers pretty good all year round So 90% of the time I can use natural light to take my phots. However, there has been about two occasions where it’s been raining for over a week and I’ve had to resort to using my ring light.

Most of the photos on my blog where either taken with a DSLR or an iPhone. My blog photos over the past year and a half were taken with an Olympus pen epL7 and EPL8. Recently though I have upgraded to a pen F. So once I’ve learnt to master that all my future photos will be taken using that. (sometime in future, I will write a detailed post about all the equipment I use for my photography.)

When it comes to blog photos I find it best to batch take. Which can be stressful at the time but in the long run, it’s a lifesaver. (I realise the other that I’ve batch taken that many photos, that I’ve still got photos I took last year that I’ve not yet used.) Also, believe it or not, 80% of my photos are not edited and the other 20% only have very light editing. I don’t have anything against editing, I just feel like why spend extra time editing them when they already look good.

PinitMe in a white t-shirt

Top – ASOS
Skirt- Zara 
Shoes –  Tony Bianco 


Blog post layouts are the 3rd step in my process. I know this might not seem like an important step as you’re just writing text and adding pics. But if you’ve looked a few of my posts you’ll notice that they are slightly different to other bloggers posts. That’s because I like to add different elements to post my as well as try and make every post layout unique. Which can be quite time-consuming.

I go about working out my layout by picking out the pics I want to use in my new post and then design my layout around that.


The fourth step in my process is writing. I would like to say I write my post weeks in advance, but due to being time poor the majority of my posts are written a few days before I publish them.

I know a lot of bloggers like to write down notes and dot points before they starting writing their post, but I start writing. I sometimes have a few idea in my head, but the majority of what I want to say comes to me as I start typing. First I type everything that comes into my head about the topic I’m writing about. Then once I’ve done that I then go back through my post re-read it and change/add anything that doesn’t sound right. I then go back through it a 3rd time and check for all my grammar and punctuation errors. (I have Grammarly built into my browser so that is my first port of call for basic grammar and punctuation errors.)

But as grammar and punctuation is not my strong point and Grammarly doesn’t pick up every mistake I have in my posts, I will then have my mum sit down with me and go over my posts with me.


I currently use the coschedule WP plugin (Click here for more info.) this feature appears at the end of all my posts and allows me to schedule my post to my social media so that they go out the same time the post is published.

Then once I’ve scheduled that I will select the day and time that I want it to go live. I like to try and have my post go live around 8 am but sometimes if I’m still doing finish it touches in the morning I will schedule it to go live at 5 pm as I like it to be perfect.


I would have to say this is my least favourite part, as I find it take up so much time. But, to make my process a little easier I do use an online app called buffer, which does have a free plan. Yet, as I need more scheduling times I pay about 10.99 a month for it.

This allows me to schedule my post to go out on twitter, facebook, Pinterest and Google+ at times that I’ve selected throughout the day and night without me having to worry about it. Sadly there is no legal way of being able to auto post to Instagram, only apps that remind you to post. So I like to share a picture from my post on Instagram as soon as it goes live as well as update my bio. Then about a week later I’ll share another photo relating to that post.

Do you have a similar routine to mine? If you don’t have a blogging routine at all I hope you found this post helpful with starting one.

xoxo  The Alexandra Edit

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  • Larissa
    November 10, 2017

    I have a loose routine that is relatively similar. I love that you come up with a lot of blog post topic ideas way in advance! I think I need to start incorporating that into my routine. I also find the promotion of my post very time-consuming, but it’s wroth it in the end – especially if people enjoy what I’m writing 🙂

  • Ashley Strain
    November 11, 2017

    I loved every section of this article. The layout is something I always consider way too late and I typically end up needing to make a ton of changes because of it. Thanks for the tips and the link to your blog post ideas, they are great!

  • Sarah Camille
    November 11, 2017

    Your process is pretty similar to mine, but its interesting to hear how you do everything. I haven’t used the buffer app but I need to look into it. Blog promotion takes the most time for me too.

  • Jocelyn
    November 11, 2017

    So many people do quarterly idea round ups and it seems like such a good practice! I think I’ll start soon!

  • Melissa
    November 21, 2017

    Thanks for writing this post! It’s so helpful! ☺️

    • thealexandraedit
      November 21, 2017

      Thanks, glad you found it helpful

  • Donna
    January 26, 2018

    What program do you use for photo editing (when needed)?
    Just getting my blog set up, you have a very professional layout, thank you for sharing your blog routine.

    • thealexandraedit
      January 27, 2018

      Thank You! I use to just use photoshop but over the past few months, I’ve started using Lightroom to change the size of my images and add in the metadata. But this week I had a play with the VSCO app and made my own filter. Which I’ve used in my most recent post and on my Instagram.