Monochrome outfit of the day, Spring edition

Can’t remember if I’ve done a posts on these shorts and top before. Tried searching but couldn’t find anything so I’ll do a new spring edition post.

Your probably all wondering why I’m not wearing nice bright colours being spring and all. But for those of you who don’t know me the  black on black combination, white and black and white,  also known as monochrome are some of my favourite combinations of colour.

The short are a leather type material. (might just be me but I‘ve always referred to fake leather as pleather) In saying that they are quite light weight and not to think so you don’t really get to hot in them when it’s 30 or so degrees.

Top is just a thin cotton no sleeve sort of crop top, top. It is a bit see through so it’s probably best not to wear a lace type bra underneath, like I did, but when it’s just so hot it’s just the easiest and comfortable bra to wear.

Shoes, brought these sandals when I went shopping in Brisbane last Friday. Are probably a bit on the pricey side, but being leather and having such a unique style how could I say no to another pair of shoes. I’ve now gone from having one pair of everyday sandals to three pairs of everyday sandals for spring and summer, and I’m sure I’ll find room for more.

So here’s where I got my monochrome outfit of the day from:

Top – ASOS (comes in a 2 pack so you get a white and black one 🙂

Shorts – Country Road (Don’t have a link to these as I brought them last summer, but here is some similar ones from ASOS

Shoes – Topshop (Couldn’t find a link to them, but you should be able to get them at your local Topshop store).

Monochrome outfit of the day, taken in my garden. Given that it’s spring and starting to warm up and I’m trying to be a bit more adventurous with my photos, I thought I’d try taking photos in different places.

monochrome outfit of the day





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