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And I Still Can’t Believe it!

If you have ever visited Sephora, or any other similar beauty stores, you know that the choice of products is seemingly endless. How do you know what to choose? Do you have your go-to favorites? Hundreds of new products flood the beauty market every month, and while some are a disappointment, others can be a game changer.

One of the new trends in beauty is “multi-masking,” The idea with multi-masking is to use more than one mask either at a time to help your face with its problem areas, instead of waiting hours or even days to apply other masks in a sequence.

Our faces have dry places, oily spots, blemishes on certain areas and other issues. The use of multi-masks such as the new clay masks are created to address the variety of issues with a variety of masks, usually worn all at the same moment. Certain areas on our faces are different, so why shouldn’t our masks be?

L’Oréal Paris had heard the cry for a mask that caters to the differences of our skin and can target each area within one application.




Charcoal teeth-whitening and face masks have been all the rage the last year, and L’Oréal has created its own product in the charcoal beauty selection. The label states the charcoal mask is to “detoxify and brighten.” The mask has the texture of a creamy lotion and has a pleasant fragrance that is not too overwhelming.

The charcoal masks work down into your pores, extracting impurities and detoxifying your skin which leaves it appearing brighter. As it dries, your face will feel tight, but it washes off easily.


The descriptor on the eucalyptus mask states that it “purifies and mattifies.” Eucalyptus oil has long been known for its fragrance and healing medicinal attributes.This mask is to assist with oily areas of your face and is said to diminish the shine and oil from your pores throughout the day, leaving the “matte” look, which is smooth and even. Apply a thin layer to your desired area.

A little goes a long way with the eucalyptus mask.I also find it has a pleasant, mild scent that is reminiscent of a spa. It dries quickly and tightens the skin on your face, but can be rinsed off easily, just like the charcoal mask.




The Pure Clay Red Algae mask is light-pink or mauve in color and is the final addition to the three pure clay masks. The label on the red algae mask says it is used to “brighten and exfoliate.” Red algae is said to help with the brightening of skin, and the mask contains exfoliating beads in addition to the red algae for maximum effect. The exfoliating beads in the mask are apricot seeds which help polish your skin as you massage your face with the mask.Using the red algae mask in addition to the other two can maximize the benefits to your skin, especially if you have trouble zones or differences in dry skin vs. oily skin.

When I saw them in the store I was very excited to use them, mostly because it’s L’Oreal Paris (I mean, come on!), but also because of their appealing packaging. They come in little transparent jars that make the mask look very nice. Every jar is relatively heavy, and this makes the impression of something that was worth the money. (When actually there only $15-20 depending on where you shop) Every jar is, apparently, made for 10 applications, but I’ve used the masks way more than that. I personally use the masks 2 times a week, but of course, the number of applications may vary depending on your needs and the specific problems you want to get rid of. Multi-masking will save you a lot of time and substance because instead of applying one mask all over your face, you only need to use it on the parts of your face that needs individual treatment. When I first got the masks I spent a lot of time reading every single packaging, and finding out what every mask did, I came to the conclusion that I need to apply the Purity Mask on my nose, so that it would get rid of the dirty impurities from there, purifying this specific area of my face. But if you have oily skin in general, you might want to apply it to the whole area of your face. I then applied the Detox Mask to my chin and forehead, in the hopes it would treat them in the right way, getting rid of the makeup that gets stuck in my pores. Then finally I put the Glow Mask on my cheeks and temples. It is excellent for dry skin and weird textures, and it helps to get rid of dead and dry skin cells that happen to stay on the face even after washing.
And my first impression was: Oh my God, these masks are so soft! They are so gentle on the skin, never causing weird itchy feelings. Every mask has a perfect, pleasant texture that allows my skin to fully absorb the needed substances in a smooth and comfortable way. Bonus: THE SCENT! It’s very pleasant and it refreshes the face in a very nice way. This line is perfect if you have sensitive skin like I do and to this day I still have the same feeling whenever I use them. The great thing about these face masks is they only need 5-10 minutes to work properly. So won’t take up too much time out of your week. TIP: Always remove face masks with warm water! It breaks down the clay and allows the skin to get rid of the excess substances that it doesn’t need. I do it with my hands or a muslin cloth over the sink, in a very gentle way. It doesn’t make a mess like I supposed, it’s clean and very comfortable and easy to remove. This result: my cheeks feel a lot smoother and look a lot brighter than they did before the mask. My nose is a lot nicer-looking, without the strange blackheads and pores sticking out. I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never use a face mask before, but I was very impressed. I like that they work immediately, after the first application. They didn’t need to be used continuously in order to start giving effect; they did it after the first use. Of course, if you want to keep the effect you have to use the masks on a regular basis.


L’Oréal has created a timeless product that people of all ages can use. The multi-masks target specific problem areas on your skin, because not all skin was created equal. The masks help remove dead skin, reduce pore size, smooth and brighten so you can put your best face forward. These masks are thick and creamy, and you only need a little to get the job done. They do not come with applicators, so to avoid contaminating the jars, you may want to use a small brush or even a clean fingers to apply them. Multi-masking is a way to cover the diversity of the skin and its unique issues, and the L’Oréal Pure Face Masks are a step in the right direction.



What’s your favourite L’oréal mask? Or if you use a different brand let me know, as I love testing out different beauty products


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