Haircare product review update!!!

If you’ve been reading my blog over the past 10 months you’re know that sometime last year,  I did a review on Lee Stafford hair care products. If not or your new to my site here’s a link to my previous post  If you didn’t read my previous post the reason I brought the Lee Stafford products, was because I wanted to get my hair in better condition and also to get it to grow longer again. I’d read the reviews on the internet and 9/10 said they had great results after 1/3 months of use. Used it for the first month and didn’t see any change, so though maybe because my hairs in such bad condition it might take a bit longer. Used the products for another 2 months and didn’t see any changes to my hair. My hair was still in the same condition as when I started using the products and still hadn’t grown any longer.

So as it was costing me so much each month because the bottles were so small and I had to use so much to cover my thick curly hair. I decided to just go back to using the products I’ve been using for years so here they are.


Redkin- Tried a few of their shampoos and conditioners and would have to say that I haven’t found one to be better than the other. I only brought this one as it was on special and came with a free serum.  This one is part of their diamond oil range. Shampoo and conditioner are great, tried the serum which comes in a droplet type bottle only used a few drops but found that it made my dry hair overly greasy so won’t be using it again, back to the drawing board on that one.

Tail comb one of the best combs ever a must have for straightening and doing partings.

GHD- First started using their heat protection spray, in grade 6/7 when I got my first pair of GHD’s. I’ve tried loads of different products over the years from super cheap to super expensive,  but would  have to say this is the best. Does costs a bit but definitely worth the spend. Have never really found anything good to use for blow drying so decided to try their straight and tame cream for the first time a few months ago, although another quite expensive product would have to say it’s defiantly worth for the spend.


Here’s the most recent pick of my hair taken last week sometime, apart from needing a slight trim would have to say it’s not in that bad condition.


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