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I did a post months ago about my hair and said that I would do an update on it after 6 weeks. 6 weeks came and went and I never did the update. Had planned a date to write it, but then a bunch of stuff happened and I just ran out of time.

Then completely forgot about it and just remembered last week when I was planning the rest of my blogmas posts that I still hadn’t done it so thought now was the perfect time to share with you a Hair update.

Before I start, if you’re new to my blog or forgot what I talked about in my previous hair posts as they were all like a million months ago here are the links in order from most recently written:

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So let’s get started with the hair update.

Not sure why, but looking back throughout my blog archives my hair seems to be one of the most talked about topics on my blog and also one of the topics I seemed to write the most about when I do post it on.

So will try to make this one a bit shorter so you don’t have to spend all night sat here reading it and getting board.

I did stick to the 6 weeks of not straightening my hair, but as soon as the 6 weeks where up I started straightening again and have been ever since.

So come to the conclusion that 6 weeks is the most I could go without straightening my hair so unless they stop making straightening we have an end of the world thing and lose power, or I dementia and forget,  I’ll  still be straightening my hair for the rest of my life.

The main thing that I did notice after the 6 weeks was that my hair had grown slightly, never going to grow back supper long unless I stop straining it for a 6 months to a year and also seemed to be in slightly better condition.

Here is a pic of the shampoo I’ve been using since I wrote my last post, after years of trying a number of different shampoos from cheap to expensive I’m still not convinced any of them are any different.

hair update

Not the best pic as it was took on my iPhone but here is a pic of my hair that I took after washing and straightening it this afternoon hair update

Always looking for new hair care products to try out so let me know in the comments below what your favourite hair care products are.


Also if you’d like to take part I’ll be doing fashion selfie Friday again tomorrow, if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking check out the link in my menu bar to find out more info.

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