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I know I’ve spoke about this a few times over the past year, but I’m literately the worst at being consistent with my blog, YouTube and Instagram. I seem to find motivation to post to instagram, write a post or film a few YouTube video’s share them, then somehow I lose motivation and then I don’t post for like a month. A lot of me losing my motivation stems from, not having enough time and also due to having a lot on my plate over the last year or so. But all that is about to change…


PinitFining new inspiration and Changing things up

So to sart with changing things up, I’m going on a month long Trip with my Mum next week. Which to most, who check out my Instagram and possible Vlogs will look like the holiday of a life time, which it is, but we’re going for a different reason.

Then on another changing things up note, My Mum and I got to go to an insanely amazing event on the Gold Coast (Which if you have no idea, where the Gold Coast is it’s in Queensland Australia) yesterday call, THE BLOGGER BOOTCAMP. Which is basically a speaking conference, hosted by the amazingly talented Lauren Bath, Liz Carlson and Georgia Rickard talking about how to be come a travel Instagramer, Writer and Blogger.

Although it’s aimed at people wanting to be a travel influencer, I believe that it’s insanely worth the investment for anyone who wants to become an influencer in any niche.

PinitFining new inspiration and Changing things up

I’ve taken a sh**t load of courses over the time I’ve been in the blogging world and have to say this is by far the number one blogging workshop/course I’ve ever taken. If you do ever decided to go, do be prepared that it is a jam packed day starting from 7:30am until just after 5pm. My brains had that much of an overload that I’m still trying to absorb everything!

I thought I knew a lot of stuff about being an influencer, but I just didn’t realise just how much there is to learn. The main reason  that I don’t want to be stuck in my day job for the rest of my life and I want to start learning how to be come an influencer one day. I also really want to incorporate travel into my blog and start vlogging, I do have a travel category, but after listening to everyone talk yesterday I defaintly can’t call myself a travel blogger even thought I’ve visited lots of places over the years.

Then another thing I learn’t is that I need to home in on my niche more. I feel like I talk about two broad a spectrum of topics as I have main topics, then sub topics. So over the next week or so I’m really going to work out what topics I want to talk about the most.

Then the finally thing I learn’t is to always charge you worth, never under charge.

I know in the past I’ve said I’m great a stick to a plan and schedule in my day to day life, but not online. But I’ve realised after yesterday if I want to get a returning and engaged following to my blog, YouTube and social media I am going have to stick to some of basic schedule

So, basically watch this space for like a 7.0 version of my blog!

PinitFining new inspiration and Changing things up
PinitFining new inspiration and Changing things up

In all seriousness If you live in Australia or have the money to fly over to Australia I’d recommend taking the bootcamp as the PDF’s alone are worth their weight in gold, never mind all the first hand knowledge from the fabulous trio of that ladies that run the bootcamp as well as one of their sponsors Olympus with their amazing knowledge on all things camera’s.

I do apologies for rambling a lot in this post, but I just really wanted to share my awesome day. Sadly there wasn’t anytime to take any photo’s but throughout I’d share one of my favourite winter looks in this post.

PinitFining new inspiration and Changing things up

What’s something you’d like to change up in your online world or your ofline world?

xoxo  The Alexandra Edit

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