Featuring Ted

It’s not very often I buy designer as it’s always so expensive, but when I saw these on sale at my local John Lewis store, how could I say no. At first I wasn’t sure whether to buy them or not as even though they were on sale they were still pretty expensive. But then I though I’ll probably never have this much money saved again and by the time I do, they probably wont be on sale or will be sold out.

So I thought to myself by it why you can as you only live once.

So here we are, here’s Ted, Ted Baker and of course when the whole range is on sale how can you just buy one.

So first I decided I needed an everyday bag, then I saw the purse and I thought you can’t have a Ted Baker bag without a purse to match, then as I was about to pay I saw this  shopper. I’ve wanted it for a few years now but never brought it as I couldn’t justify spending that much on one item, when I could get multiple items for the price of  one, but as soon as I saw the price tag I was instantly sold.

Enough of me gabbing, here’s some pics.



Came inside the purse




Quote inside the bag 


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Featuring Ted