Day 6 – favourite quote.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you know that I have a love for quotes.


So thought today I would share with you all one of my favourite quotes at the moment. It’s one that I made up myself, thinks that’s why I like it so much. Also really like reading it when I’m having a bit of down day or feeling down about my blog, as it really helps to motivate me.

Have lots more quotes that I love, but if I started talking about those I’d be here to the end of the writing about them.

Have lots more blogmas post that I have to pre write as I’m busy most of next week so going to keep this post short and end it here.

But before I go please do let me known in the comments if you have any favourite quotes/sayings as I always love finding new ones.

xox Collective Strand

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  • Anne
    December 6, 2015

    This is such a beautiful quote that you came up with. My favorite one at the moment is “Say yes to new adventures”. It fits a lot to my current situation.

    • Alexandra
      December 17, 2015

      Thanks, never heard of that quote, but love it.

  • sam
    December 7, 2015

    This is brilliant, I think this has to be one of my new faves 🙂

  • Tory
    December 7, 2015

    Great quote!

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