fashion of past christmases

Welcome to blogmas day eight, still can’t believe I’ve lasted this long.

Over the past eight days I’ve found out that writing the post isn’t a problem, but finding different and interesting content to post every day is. As I hadn’t planned on doing blogmas this year, I had nothing planned so I’m just sort of taking each day as it comes and so far it’s not turned out too bad.

So for today’s posts I thought I’d go a bit more personal and share with you all some of my Fashion of past Christmases. Had hope to find more pictures, but after spending the morning going through boxes of photos this is all I could fine.

My first Christmas

Pinitfashion of past christmases

According to the back of this photo it was taken, xmas day 94 I was two and my cousin was 4. Hope she doesn’t mind me posting this, though your probably see her on the TV reading the news or hosting a TV show in a few years time.


My third Christmas

Pinitfashion of past christmases

My fourth Christmas

Pinitfashion of past christmases

After looking back at the pics my fashion hasn’t changed that much as I still love wearing gingham, tartan, lace and peter pan collars.

Also all these fashions are sort of in trend at the moment so it just goes to shows how quickly fashions come back around, although I’m not sure I’d do the jumper with no sleeve cardigan fashion again.

Also let me know in the comments down below if you liked this post and if you like me to do more posts like these in the future.

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fashion of past christmases