the end of blogmas is in sight

Well the end of blogmas was in sight, until for some strange reason I said to myself why not just carry on and blogging until New Years Eve, then I won’t feel so bad if I don’t post much while I’m on holiday in Thailand.

Although if all goes to plan while I’m in Thailand I had planned on giving daily vloging ago, now that I’ve ordered myself one of those Canon s120 point and shoots that all the YouTuber’s seem to be using.

Not sure how well it will turn out thought as I still haven’t managed to film my crimbo cooking video.

although I do have a good excuse for that as worked from 4:30pm-12am Friday, then had supper busy day morning and part yesterday afternoon and then had to work again last night from 6:30pm until 12:30am and then woke up feeling ill/sick this morning.

So if everything goes to plan will try to film and upload that tomorrow sometime, as I would really like to do a Crimbo video before Crimbo is over.

Now getting back on track thought I’d share with you a pic of the outfit I wore to an engagement party yesterday.

Dress – Warehouse (probably not the best lighting the but if you can’t tell the dress is a light pink colour)

Shoes – Topshop

Pinitthe blogmas end is in sight


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fashion selfie friday take 2
the end of blogmas is in sight