My one of a kind clutch

The other day I went to one of my local boutique shops and saw some colourful clutch bags. I don’t normally like coloured bags, but for some reason I was drawn to and I’m like I need to add this to my collection.

Then I saw the price tag and I was like no. Do I really need it, then the shop assistant came over and explained that they were all one a kind and no two were same.

I was then like I really need it as I’ll be the only person in the world with a clutch like this. But then I was like I don’t want to spend all my savings, so I’ll wait until I get paid again next week.

Then my Mum was super nice and said I’ll buy it for as your graduation/getting a job present. Haven’t mentioned much about this before, but I have three assignments to go before I can graduate from my diploma of child care.

Then a few months ago I applied for a job at a child care centre got an interview and as loads of people attend, I never thought I would get the job, but I did. Then I’ve had to spend the past month sorting out documentation, then had to go in and signed my contract the other day, so should be starting that anytime soon.

Here are some pics of my clutch bag: It has plastic on the outside and then canvas on the inside. Basically the shop assistant said the artist paints a canvas, then cuts it up and make it into a bag, which is pretty cool wish I was skilled in something like this.

Also here is a link to the artist website: Tiff Manuell


Pinitclutch clutch clutch

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My one of a kind clutch