As you’ve probably noticed over the past few weeks that my post ideas have been a bit repetitive, and my content and writing style has gone down hill.

Not that it was great to start with, but it soon shows after a few days just how bad it’s can get.

This morning I was sitting here at my laptop watching this video that you can check out below.

For some reason after watching this video, it inspired me probably because it sort of similar to my story apart from the fact I don’t have 1 million subscribers.

Which then got me thinking that it’s been almost two years since I started blogging and all though my content has improved since I started my blog its self-hasn’t grown that much.

Which at the start I wasn’t to bother about as I thought I wouldn’t last longer than a month but almost two years on. I’ve realised that I love blogging that much that I love it to be my full-time job obviously that doesn’t happen over night.

So in the meantime, I’m still studying and hoping to get a degree in teaching just in case my dream doesn’t work out I’ll always have a backup plan.

Starting to get off track with this post, but thought it was something that I need to share to help me feel a bit more motivated.

So here are my blogging goals for the week:

1| Try to equal my time between my assignments and my blog. I’ve noticed over the past months that I either spend all my time working on my blog or all my time doing my assignments.

Which means one of them always gets neglected, so I’m making it my goal for this week and the coming weeks to split my time equally between my assignments and my blog. So I can get a finish my diploma, start my degree and get a top blog at the same time.

Which will be challenging, but I always believe nothing worth having ever comes easy.

2| Get working on my blog design site. If you didn’t know for the past five years, I’ve been on and off teaching myself graphic design and coding. So planning in the next few months to finally finish my site and start offering basic blog designs to people around the world.

3| Start planning my blog post ahead of time. Been thinking that If I pre-plan stuff my content might improve, and I might not be so stressed and I might be able to stick to my schedule of having posts out every day at 6pm AEST.

4|YouTube, I know I’ve said this a bunch of time’s. But after watching the video above it got me inspired to keep making videos and making video’s more regular as who knows where I could be in two years time.

5| Start writing my ebook had this idea for a while. But thought it would be a cool idea to write an e-book and share with you all my design and Blogging Tips that I’ve learned over the past five years.

Most of these goals will probably take a month, maybe a year to achieve, but thought if I don’t share them with you and start them now. In two years time I probably still be in the same place thinking about doing all these things.

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