Favourite clothes shops

Always look for new places to shop and was just wondering if anyone had any good places other than ASOS and Topshop that they love to shop at.

Please let me know in the comments down below so that I can go and check them out tomorrow sometime.


Also, sorry if this post is a bit short but going to be spending the night finishing my assignment. So apart from two days  of placement. Starting from tomorrow I can spend a whole week focusing on improving my blog and pre writing some interesting blog posts.



  • Cate-Marie

    I personally love going into Dotti and JayJay’s to look around. Dotti can be a bit more expensive but they usually have at least one item I’m looking for. JayJays is mostly for summer dresses.
    Also if I’m looking for something super cheap and basic, I’ll go into Paper Scissors. I’m in WA so we’ve got two around. Online store isn’t so great but if you have one near you, definitely check it out!

    • Alexandra

      Thanks for the comment, haven’t shopped at Dotti and JayJay’s in a few years so will defiantly check them out when i go shopping next. Never heard of Paper Scissors, will defiantly check their site out.

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