country road and warehouse outfit

Here is the country road and warehouse outfit that I wore in my stationery haul video that I posted yesterday. If you haven’t checked out the video yet you can check it out here on my YouTube channel. Also, have other videos on there as well that you can check it out too if you haven’t already.

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this to you all or not before, but I’ve been searching for a good, nice fitting pair of shorts for a long time. Got some great one’s in Thailand last year, but they’ve started to fade so ever since then have been on the hunt for some new ones.

Had started the hunt looking for denim ones as denim just seems to go with everything. But all the pairs that I came across where either short sort or to height wasted and tight and made me look fatter than I actually I’m.

Not that I care what people think, but I‘d just feel bad myself going out in something like that. I then looked a culottes, as they seem to be the height of fashion at the moment  and do look really good, but then I realised that as I’m only 5ft2 they’d probably look like long baggy trousers on me.

Then after getting so over looking and giving up hope of ever finding another pair of perfect shorts. I came across these on a trip to my local country road story last week.,

Went to try them on and they were perfect, then look at the price tag and was like I love these shorts, but that‘s a lot to spend on one item of clothing.

Then was about to put them back when I found that if you spend over 300$  you got something back off each items, so as my mum had two items she paid for them all and in the end I got them for just under 90$ which was great.

Do have to say that they are some of the best the short if not the best short that I’ve brought over the past few years. They are a bit expensive, but are defiantly worth the spend if you want quality shorts that fit great and look great.

So here is a pic of me wearing the shorts and also a close up pic of the shorts as they’re black it’s really hard to see the effect/pattern of the shorts.

Shorts – Country Road (They do ship overseas, however if they are a bit out of your price range, you can get something similar at Asos for a quarter of the price)

Top – Warehouse (Brought in the Warehouse summer range back in June, so probably won’t even stock them anymore as it’s winter in England, but heres some similar ones from Asos, 1, 23, 4.

Shoes – Topshop

country road and wearhouse outfit

country road and wearhouse outfit




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