christmas wish list 2014

Been reading lots of different blogs lately and seen all these people doing Christmas gift guides. So thought seeing as I haven’t done many Chirstmasy post this blogmas I do a gift guide as well.

Which lets just say failed miserably, given that I’m the worst person in the world at picking/buying Christmas gifts for people. So instead I thought I’d share with you all my Christmas wish list 2014.

Most of them are probably unrealistic, full-time job/lottery win Christmas gifts, but thought I’d share them with you any ways.

Please skip this part if you don’t want to listen to me sharing my thoughts of the day:

I know I’ve said this a few times over blogmas, but I still can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 17 days. Never thought I’d make it this far, there has been   some days where I felt like not writing anything or even logging into my blog, but some how I’ve managed to push through and keep going.

You probably all think why force myself to write when I do really want to, that’s because, I feel like I need to finish the challenge I set myself as is the past I’ve given up a number of different things due to them getting to hard or me getting to stressed over them and I also want to start grow my blog more.

I’m not expecting my blog to start paying the bills any time soon and probably never will as they say only about 10% of people in the world ever have a successful blog/YouTube channel.

But I just fee like that for the first year and a bit, that I had my blog I didn’t really put in much effort. Most people would probably see it as a lot of effect as I actually started a blog and YouTube channel, which is a big step out of my/your comfort zone sharing some much with the world.

So come mid Jan/feb I won’t be able to post full-time/every day, but really hoping to get into more of a schedule/routine, so that I can post 3 times a week and still get all my course work/placement done on time.

Really gone off track with this CChristmas wish list 2014 post, but just felt like sharing some of my thoughts with you all out there on the World Wide Web.

So here is my Christmas wish list 2014:

Pinitchristmas wish list 2014

1|Canon PowerShot S120 2|Trip to New York  3|Macbook pro 15″ 4|Chanel classic flap bag 

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christmas wish list 2014