christmas wish list 2014

Been reading lots of different blogs lately and seen all these people doing Christmas gift guides. So thought seeing as I haven't done many Chirstmasy post this blogmas I do a gift guide as well. Which lets just say failed miserabl[...]

shoe wish list

Although this post is late tonight due to me being busy all day and having work late afternoon. I have got slightly more organised with my blogmas posts and wrote a list of post that I'll be writing over the next 11 days. So here's[...]

warehouse – wish list

weHaven't done one of these wish list type post in a while, but after my trip to England in June where I purchase a few warehouse  items and in my recent ASOS haul wear I purchase some more warehouse  stuff. Which you can check out here[...]

Asos Wish list

Haven't done one of these in a long time. Also not another outfit post, must be due to the fact that I'm on holidays for to weeks and procrastinating from my assignments that due tomorrow. Not to sure why I'm doing one really as I've bro[...]

Trending Now Asos

Thought I'd try something new on my blog this week and do a Trending now and show you all my Favourite ASOS trends. Only taken me 2 weeks to finish writing as it took me so long to pick 5 favourite trends, so here we go, will try to aim[...]