Thailand part 8

So after my time in Hua Hin, I then took a car ride back to Bangkok and then took a 1hr plane ride to a place called Chiang Mai which is in the mountains of Thailand. Just realized that as I took pics on my iPhone and my cannon point a[...]

Thailand part 6

Also I know I said on Friday that I will be posting every day until next Friday, but I had to help my mum cook for a dinner party yesterday, then had a few too many pimms last night so thought it was best that I didn't do a post as who[...]

Thailand part 5

Finally getting back in to blogging after my long break, not sure what my schedule will be at this stage as every time I set a schedule it never seems to work out, but at this stage I have got a list of post ideas planned up until next Fr[...]

My time in Hua Hin

Here are some more pics of my Thailand trip. Sorry if I'm boring you with Thailand posts, but If don't post them now I still be thinking about this time next year. Also sorry that I only have pics today haven't had a chance to edit my ne[...]