Why did I buy that

Thought I’d do a different/new type of post today. Was cleaning out my wardrobe the other day and found a bunch of stuff that I’d brought but only worn a few times, as I didn’t like how I looked in them so never worn them again. But for some reason still never parted with them.

Here’s the first thing and probably one of the oldest things I have in my wardrobe.

Puma Ballet flats, brought back in grade 8 and only worn about 3 times. Still not sure why I even brought them in the first place never really went with my fashion style, probably brought them as they would have been quite a unique style back then.

Anyways let me know in the comments what you’d wear these ballet flats with and if you think instead of just throwing away, I should do them as a giveaway sometime soon.

Will do another one of these post sometime next week, have a good night and check back tomorrow for the final of my 7 day post challenge.

PinitDSC_0599 DSC_0604

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Why did I buy that