brace yourself winter is coming

Welcome to blogmas day 22, only 3 more sleeps to Christmas.

Well it’s not even winter here yet in Australia still current 30c + but seeing as I like to stock up on clothes and shoes ahead of time and it’s almost coming up to sale time in winter places.

Sorry if the tile sounds a bit cheesy, just trying to improve on my SEO for my post and they recommend to not keep using the same titles.

Never watched Games of thrones, but like the meme/quote “brace yourself winter is coming” so thought that would be quite appropriate/fitting for the title of this post.

Also sorry if my last few posts where bit boring/me talking about crap and sounding like I was drunk or something, but had a busy weekend and was really tired and didn’t want to miss any blogmas days so just thought I’d share with you what I was thinking at the time.

Also sadly, due to being so busy the next few days I won’t be able to film my christmas cooking video, so will have to save it for next Christmas, but will be filming another video sometime next weekend.

So fortoday’s post, I thought I’d share with you all my wish list for the winter season:

Pinitbrace yourself winter is coming

1|ASOS Top & ASOS Fluffy Bonded Shorts, 2|ASOS Suede Over the Knee Boot, 3|River Island Collared Dress, 4|ASOS PUPPET Platforms, 5|ASOS Leather Bag with Perforated Front Panel


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the end of blogmas is in sight
brace yourself winter is coming