Boxing day sales

So yesterday I decided to go to my local shopping centres boxing day sales. The second Time I’ve been in my entire life.

Don’t normal like to go to sales, but had a few things that I’d been looking at for a while and wanted to get  but as I didn’t think they were worth the RRP never brought them

So seeing as boxing day was coming up thought I’d wait and brave the boxing day sales and see if they had gone in the sale.

Luckily when I got their the jeans I wanted where half price in the sale and the shoes I wanted had 20% off.

I know lots of people say it’s a waste of time as they bump up the RRP and then put a sale price on that, but as I’d been looking at the items for the past few weeks I knew that it was really good bargain.

Also I know people think it’s crazy to go on boxing day when the sales last until like Tuesday at most shops, but I just knew that if I waited until Monday or Tuesday they would be out of stock in my size.

So decided to brave it, it was quite busy got there about 20 mins before opening and did have to queue, but compared to what I’ve been reading on the internet about boxing day sales it was pretty quite, also probably helped that I knew the shops that I wanted to look in stock to those got what I wanted and then went to the beach to get a Coffee and recover from it all.

Here is what I brought not that much as I want to buy some things when I go on my trip to Thailand and I‘m also saving for a new Macbook pro as my current one keeps going all strange.

Will also be filming a video tomorrow morning so depending how long it takes to film, edit and uploaded will either be up tomorrow night or Monday night. So please keep checking back.

Also love seen what bargains other people got in the boxing day sales so if you have any post or videos on them, would love to seem them so so leave a link in the comment and I’ll be sure to check you out, also if you don’t have any posts/video on them or don’t have a blog feel free to comment as well

Sorry if this post sounds a bit strange/confusing have been helping my mum cook all day for a dinner party and current writing this in between dinner and pudding and slightly tipsy after a few too many pimms.

Here is a pic:

Jeans – OneTeaspoon (A few of my local shops stocked their stuff and I think ASOS has a few of their items as well but not sure where else you can buy it overseas)

Shoes – Vans (Everywhere sells them now days, not sure what the style is called just know that the original/common style)

Boxing day sales

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