It’s my Birthday

We’ll as the title says it’s my Birthday, well not literally but I have been blogging a year as of today, so technically it’s my blogs 1 year Birthday/anniversary. How time fly’s (Wonder where I’ll be this time next year)

Would just like to thank everyone for visiting my site over the past year and for leaving lovely comments on my post.

On a another note for this New Years blogging resolution, I will try to do more regular blog post and try to do a few more videos.

Will probably be still saying the same thing this next time year.

I have however decided to do a blog re-brand this months and also have some different types of posts planned that I’m going try out over the month.

Also if you new to my blogs here’s a link to my first ever post:

But for the meantime lets celebrate with this video, sadly not made by me, but after hearing it on the music channel other day though it was perfect for this post:





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It’s my Birthday