7pcs Mini Makeup brush kit*

Never done one of theses type of posts before, so not sure how good it will turn out.

But a few weeks ago I was contacted by a company called tmart asking if I would like to review a 7pcs Mini Makeup brush kit.

At first I was a bit sceptical as although it was a UK website the person who contacted me and the warhorse it was coming from where Hong Kong based.

The reviews I’d read on the company were 50/50 some people said the product they received where great and others had said that the product they had received where broken/bad quality.

But seeing as I’d never been sent a free product to review before I thought I say yes and give it a try.

So after a few weeks of waiting the 7pcs Mini Makeup brush kit finally arrived Christmas eve.

Here is a link to the product if you’d like to find out more or purchase them: 7pcs Mini Makeup brush kit

So after taking the product out of the parcel bag, the first thing I noticed was that Mini Makeup brush kit tin was slightly damaged as it had not been put in a padded envelope/wrapped in bubble wrap.

Here is a pic of the 7 pcs Mini Makeup brush kit tin:

Mini Makeup brush kit*

Inside the box there was a card explaining what each of the brushes were used for and 7 Mini Makeup brushes neatly rapped in plastic.

Here is a pic of inside the box:

7pcs Mini Makeup brush

I then unwrapped all of the brushes and went and got my current makeup brushes which are a mixture of real techniques and artiste professional manicure.

I felt the bristles on my current makeup and the brushes on the 3 concepteyes ones and have to say that the ones on the 3 concepteye ones where super soft.

When I got the real techniques one’s I thought they were really soft compared to the artiste professional manicure, but have to say the 3 concepteyes ones top the charts on softness and quality for the price.

Here is a pic of what the brushes looked liked:

 3 concept eyes ones

So after comparing the quality I decided it was time to test them out and have to say that the blush, foundation and eyebrow powder that I tested with them applied so much easier that previous brushes.

I would definitely recommend theses brushes for someone looking for a quality set of makeup brushes on a budget.

Although they are on the small side for me to use as an everyday makeup brush, I would defiantly take them with me if I was going traveling or add some of them to my handbag makeup collection as they don’t take up too much room.

I have to admit I’m not very got when it comes to writing reviews so I apologise know if this review sounds really bad.

But please let me know in the comment down below if you’ve tried any none branded makeup brushes before and what you thought of them.


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