Thailand part 6

Also I know I said on Friday that I will be posting every day until next Friday, but I had to help my mum cook for a dinner party yesterday, then had a few too many pimms last night so thought it was best that I didn't do a post as who[...]

Thailand part 5

Finally getting back in to blogging after my long break, not sure what my schedule will be at this stage as every time I set a schedule it never seems to work out, but at this stage I have got a list of post ideas planned up until next Fr[...]

My time in Hua Hin

Here are some more pics of my Thailand trip. Sorry if I'm boring you with Thailand posts, but If don't post them now I still be thinking about this time next year. Also sorry that I only have pics today haven't had a chance to edit my ne[...]

Thailand part 3

Here are the next few days of my trip, can't really do any more day by day pics as I'll be here all year talking about it. Also by the time this post goes live there should be an accompany video up on my YouTube channel if not it's take[...]

January update

So I know that I said I'd be more organised and regularly start posting and start uploading more video this year well that didn't quite work out. After having such a good December completing blogmas and then blogging until the end of Dec[...]