French Connection

Outfit of the day

  Thought today I would share with you my outfit of the day. Brought the grey jumper/poncho thing a few months ago, but as it's only just starting to get cold, Today is the first day I got to wear it. Loved it that much t[...]

Outfit of the day

Been really busy today, had a trip down to ikea this morning and went dog walking this afternoon, so haven't really had time to write a post. But seeing as I promise that I'd write a post everyday this week thought I'd share with you the ou[...]

New but not new outfit

Yesterday's outfit, was yesterday's outfit when I started writing this buy post, but seeing as I've been and didn't get to post as I was that busy it's now an outfit that I wore one day last week.  I know another outfit post. I promise as[...]

Fathers day dinner outfit

For some people around the world it was fathers day on Sunday. So seeing as we went out to dinner to celebrate, thought I would share with you my outfit. I know it's a bit late but I've been really busy trying to work on my assignments for[...]

Another outfit post

Seem to be doing a lot of these outfit posts lately, probably because I have so many different things I can wear now it's spring and it's starting to warm up and also the fact that as I haven't had much free time lately and theses are reall[...]