my first every YouTube video

Just realised the other day that last year when I started my YouTube channel the video I post on their wasn’t my first ever video.

So flash back to last week I was searching through/tidying out a box and came across some of my old fashion design drawings that I did back in like 2008, the year when I wanted to be a fashion design.

Was looking thought them and just suddenly remembered that I made a video on them, spent a few minutes think back six years to 2008 and remembered that I uploaded it to YouTube.

So technically I made a YouTube video back in the days when it wasn’t that popular to make YouTube videos and before most of the big people like Zoella and thatcherjoe started.

If only I knew what I knew now I would have carried on making them as in some ways I’ve gone fall circle back round to making them again.

The views I got on it where nothing compared to what people get nowadays. (3,338 to be exact) But compared to the views I get on my current YouTube channel they’re great. I suppose I got more views back then as there wasn’t a lot of competition in the YouTube world and videos didn’t have to be HD filmed and edited.

To me looking back on it from todays perspective it’s one of the most shorts videos you could possible and probably one of the most boring videos you could possible find out YouTube.

Know days it’s all about having great content making HD videos and competing with like a million others talking about the same topic as you.

After a year, of being on YouTube I do have to say that if I’d just had a YouTube and not a blog I probably wouldn’t have carried on making YouTube videos.

So here it is my first every YouTube video:

Also got a bunch of comments as well, which I’ve never had on my current YouTube videos, you probably won’t even be interested but here are the comments if you’d like to view/read them.

my first every YouTube video my first every YouTube video my first every YouTube video


Would love to make more YouTube videos, but never really have anything exciting to do apart from hauls and cooking videos and theirs only so many of those you can do. As it costs so much to buy the ingredients to the make recipe and you do a haul it either involves me buying a bunch of items all at once which can get expensive or buying stuff of time and saving it which can be hard as then, I‘d have nothing to blog about.

Sorry if it sounded like I was moaning a bit just find my blog post a good way to vent my thoughts sometimes as most of my friends and family don’t really understand the whole blogging/YouTube thing.

If you’ve managed to read this far down in the post, thanks for taking the time to read my post/blog and I will see you all again tomorrow night for blogmas day  16.

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