More beach pics

As some of you probably know I started a photography course/class last weekend. I got to take some photo on the day but there all of a car park and really who wants to see pics of a car park. So on Sunday I decided to go down to Mooloolaba[...]

New camera Lens

While on my trip overseas I got a new lens for my camera at Nikon 50mm 1.8.g. So on Sunday morning I decided to go down to my favourite beach, Mooloolaba beach and take some photos.  All taken in manual mode and just by playing around wi[...]

Favourite Quotes of the week

Was searching through Pinterest for the first time in over a month last night and just thought I share with you some of my favourite quotes, that helped me to start blogging and also what help me to keep going and push further with blogging[...]

Welcome to my site

Hi, everyone not sure if anyone will ever read this but if you do welcome to my site Allie Chynna.Where I talk about all things to do with fashion, food and life. This is my first every post so just thought I'd share with you my first ever[...]