My first wish list post

Been reading lots of blog over the pass few months and notice that they all seem to do wish-list posts, so figured it was time that I did one of my own. So here is a wish list of some of my favourite skirts all different brands but all[...]

Check Roll Sleeve Dress

Haven't done one of these posts in a while, but seeing as I did so much shopping overseas in England thought I would start to share with you, the Clothes, shoes and other bits and pieces that I brought. So here is one of the dresses I bro[...]

New magazine

Probably a bit late with this post. I did buy this magazine about a month or 2 ago took some pics of  it but never got the chance to uploaded it.  So though seeing as I have a spare 30 mins on my busy two-week trip to Nottingham England ([...]

Birthday outfit

It's was my 22nd Birthday weekend before last so went down to Brisbane to do some shopping and see  Mrs browns boy live. So Just though I'd share with you the outfit I wore. Will also post the stuff I brought while I went shopping ther[...]