I‘m trying to make an effort to have varied content on my blog. So I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog. I know I seem to say new series a lot, but I just feel like if I have a few series going on, I’ll be able to post more content a lot easier and more often.

My posts won’t all be series posts; I will have weekly lifestyle posts starting soon, where I talk about anything to do with Fashion, Hair & Beauty Food, Life, Travel, and Blogging. But due to a lot of family stuff going on not sure when they will start.

So Today I thought I would launch a month goal sharing series. Will be mostly blogging goals, but may add a few personal goals in from time to time.

1. Get 5-10 Subscribers on both my YouTube Channels – I know it’s not just about the subscribers, but I feel like people nowadays look at the amount of subscribers you have, and that denotes partly of whether they want to look at/watch your channel.

2. Instagram– I love using Instagram but feel like I don’t post each month enough. I would like to say I’ll start posting every day, but don’t think I’ll have enough content for that. So going to aim to post 3 times a week to start with then build up from there.

3. Instagram – As you call I really want to get more into Instagram, So would also like to try and work on a theme for my Instagram as I feel like have 0 themes when it comes to my Instagram.

4. Blog Posting pre-writing – I’m the worst when it comes to pre-writing blog posts. As I always have so much stuff to do I always seem to leave until the night before/day that I want to post it. So going to make a big effort over the next few months to start pre-writing my blog posts.

September 2016 Goals

5. Batch day – I don’t know how I’m going to fit it in, but I would really like to start doing batch days for my blog. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically where you set aside one day or a number of days each month and just focus on one aspect of your blog.

So say I wanted to put six posts out in September, I would pick a day at the start of September and just spend the day writing those posts and doing nothing else blog related. Then I wanted to have an Instagram pic a day for that month I would spend the next day taking 30 or so Instagram pics and nothing else.

Not sure if I’ll have time to start it this month, but when I do, I’ll write a more detailed post about it

6. Water – I’ve never really drunk 7 glasses as day, but with summer and hot weather looming I’ve decided

What is one of your Blogging or Personal goals for the month?

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