Weekend Mood #5

Happy Sunday. If you’ve been checking out my blog over the past two weeks, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted any new posts. I had a bunch of posts planned that I want to write, but had a few family things come up and also had some other things that I needed to get finished.

So decided to just take some time away from writing as I know if I’d posted I would have looked back on the blog post and just not been a 100% happy with it

What I did:

I may have taken some time away from writing, but I still spent my free time think/planning post ideas and worked out a schedule.

You won’t have noticed, but I also changed a few things on my blog. You may have noticed that my post layouts are a bit different to most blogs, we’ll that’s due to spending my time adding a bunch of HTML to my posts to customise it.

Which was sort of easy to do, but at the same time really times consuming as you had to work out the layout you wanted then add all the code to make that layout. Then the other day I found a plugin that basically does all that for you without any coding needed.

So saves a bunch of time, requires minimal skills and adds a bunch more features that I’ve always wanted in my post and never been able to achieve. I may do a post on it in the feature, so if you would be interested in learning how I do my post layouts comments bellow

What I ate: 

I’ve eaten a bunch of different things this week but have to say my favourite would be Indian Cheese on Toast. One of my Mum’s specialities, so when she get’s going with her blog, will get her to do a post on it so I can share the recipe with you all.

Weekend Mood #4

What I didn’t do:

I didn’t get a chance to complete anything that I had on my list from last week

What I want to do next week:

Work out a blogging schedule and stick to it for the next few months.

One word to describe the past week:


Let me know in the comments one thing you would like to achieve next week!


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