Blogging goals for April

I was looking through my Journal last night and realised that I had a bunch of blogging goals that I wrote for the past few months to complete each month, but never managed to complete them.

So thought the only way I would complete my goals each month would be to write a post about them. Will share my goals that had set for this month today, but starting from next month I will uploaded this post on the first or second of every month.

If you haven’t seen my journal before here is a pic of it:


day 22- blogging goals for April

If you’d like to buy my journal or something similar here is a link to were you can find it: kikki-k  journal 


If you don’t blog or are just starting out in blogging you’re probably all think that’s it just about writing posts every day or every few days. But in the scheme of things that’s just one of the many elements in being a blogger and becoming a good blogger.

So here are my goals:

Post everyday.

Have a few post pre wrote.

Try to comment on a 100 blogs a week, which is easier said than done. There are lots of blogs out there but not all of them post regular so sometimes it’s hard to find blogs to comment on.

Instagram 3 times a week.

Pin 200 pins a week.

Post links to my post on Facebook everyday.

Post links to my posts on Twitter everyday.




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