Thailand pics part 1

Still haven’t had a chance to edit any of my videos from my Thailand trip, so in the meantime thought I’d share with you all some of the pics I took.

Not sure how many parts this will be as I did take quite a look of pics, but thought to start it off I’d share with you the first few days of my trip.

Also sorry if the pics are all different sizes, but I took some on my iPhone5 using the normal camera setting some with the square setting so I could use them for Instagram and the rest with my canon s120 as I was using that for videoing.

Update just spent the last hr looking though my iPhoto/camera and think I have about 1400 or so pics/videos obviously won’t post them all up as we’d be here all year, but will try to post as many as possible, also just realised that as day two of my trip was so exciting, well it was to me.

Probably won’t be that exciting to most, but I’ve decided to do a separate post on that so depending on how much time I have in the next 24hrs I may do a special post on it tomorrow or jut save it for my regular upload day on Thursday.

Most of the pics probably won’t make any sense to people so I will a description above each pic so you can get a sort of idea of where I was in Thailand/what I was doing at the time.

Sorry there’s no pics of Thailand in this post, was really tired on the first day and forgot to take any, but will have some next time.

My travel essentials

Thailand pics part 1


In the car on the way to the airport. Thailand pics part 1


Duty free, one of my favourite shops.Thailand pics part 1


About to take off from the gold coast airport.Thailand pics part 1



View from the air somewhere between Australia and Thailand. Thailand pics part 1


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