stationery haul

First off sorry this post/video is a day late spent all afternoon editing it, went to uploading then my internet decided to go slow.

Started uploading at about 4:30 got to 10pm and it still hadn’t finished so decided go to bed and leave it over night to finished.

Finally finished uploading this morning, so here is my stationery haul video:

As promised here is some picks of the stationery I brought. Will include a link to the shop above each pic.


stationary haul


stationary haul

Poppin  (Don’t have a link to wear I brought it from, but here is a link to their official site so you can check out there awesome range of stationery)

stationary haul


Sorry the post is so short but hopefully the video will make up for it.

Also come back tomorrow night to check out the post on the outfit I wore for this video.



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