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Although this post is late tonight due to me being busy all day and having work late afternoon. I have got slightly more organised with my blogmas posts and wrote a list of post that I’ll be writing over the next 11 days.

So here’s day one of my list and also blogmas day 10, still can’t believe I’ve now been blogging for 10 days straight.

Been loving shoes more than normal the past few months, seem to have gone from having no spring/summer shoes to five pairs.

Look around a loads of different shoes shop in the shopping centre and online and have found recently that Topshop seems to have the best shoes this season.

Although in saying that Zara would probably have some great shoes as well, but seeing as the closest store to me is a 2hrs plane ride away or 10hrs drive and they don’t ship to me, I’m not going  to even bother looking as it will only make me upset and miss Zara even more.

Most people I know probably aren’t that fussed about shoes, but as I’ve said before I believe shoes can make or break an outfit.

So here is my shoe wish list you’re probably all wondering why I’ve included closed in shoes/winter boots in my wish list when it summer and  35c here.

That’s because I just like to stock up on shoes for any season at any time of the year because if I wait untill it’s that seasons they’re normal out of stock in my size or have a completely different style in and some time if I time it right I can get them on sale.


shoes wish list




Let me know in the comments what your favourite shoes are, this season.

Also check back tomorrow nigh for a new and exiting post with some new I’m thinking of testing out. Probably nothing new and has been done a million times before by other blogs, but thought I’d give it a go. As they say nothing ventured nothing gained



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