The Whitepepper winter lookbook

I know it’s not winter here in Australia it’s 40 degrees and summer to be exact, but because I do most of my Shopping online from England and America, I always have to buy most of my Summer clothes shopping when it’s winter here and buy most of my winter clothes when it’s Summer there you get my drift.

It can have it’s up’s and downs, but the great thing is I always have the latest season’s fashion.

I started writing this blog post over a month ago, but being that busy with moving house/didn’t get the internet switch back on till last week.  So just haven’t had time to finish writing it.

So as I sit here writing/finishing this post off, it’s actually a much cooler 25 degrees today.

Saw this Lookbook called The Whitepper, advertised on another blog and it looks amazing and seeing as all I had to do was pay for the postage so decided to get one, as I’ve never had a Lookbook before.

The whitepepper

They don’t have a very big collection, which I think is great as you won’t see  lots of people wearing the same things as you.

After looking/reading the Lookbook from back to front about 10 million times, I’ve decided it’s too hard to pick just one thing and that I just wanted to buy everything. Their range is not super cheap, but it’s not super expensive, so if you want to find something to wear to stand out from the crowd I’d definitely recommend shopping here.

Here are some inside pics of the Lookbook

The whitepepper

The whitepepper

The whitepepper

You can buy their range from their official site, though I also found out recently that ASOS and Topshop now stock some of their collection.

Also a bit off topic, but been reading quite a few blogs over the past few months and they all kept saying blogging is a full-time job at first I didn’t think they were serious, but then I realised yesterday that it’s taken me several rewrites/drafts and over a month to finish writing this post.

So anyone out there who’s thinking of starting a blog be prepared that if you want to get readers/follows and comments then you need to at least dedicate part-time working hours if not full-time working hours to have a really good blog.

Seeing as it’s almost the end of the month and I’m starting back at college next week, I probably won’t have to do another post as I’ll be getting ready for that.So as of February between going to college 4 days a week from 9-3 for the next 18  months and doing assignments I’m going to try to aim to do at least 1-2 posts a week and 1 YouTube video a month so I can at least become a full-time part-time blogger.

Hope everyone’s having a great New Year so far.



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